Mencom Announces New MIL-Spec Industrial 5015 Equivalent Circular Connectors

Posted on April 11th, 2016

Circular MIL-Spec ConnectorsThe MIL-Spec 5015 series was originally designed for severe aeronautical and tactical service applications. Due to the rugged and versatile design, these connectors are widely used in a range of commercial and industrial applications, such as factory automation, robotics, instrumentation, medical equipment and power applications.

Because they are becoming more common place in industrial applications that need the ruggedness of the MIL-Spec design, but do not need the military specifications, Mencom has designed, and now offers an Industrial Equivalent, to the MIL-Spec 5015 connector series, in order to meet the strong demand from various industries.

Mencom MIL-Spec circular connectors include completely over-molded cord sets and pre-wired & epoxied panel mount receptacles. This plug and play design simplifies the installation for the user and eliminates the risk of incorrectly wiring the connector.
The end-user no longer has to assemble the connectors or mess around with soldering, unless they prefer our field installable version. The standard connectors are provided with the familiar North American Color Codes recognized in the industrial market, but customer specific cables and color codes are possible upon request.

Initial offerings:
• Size 10SL with 2 and 3 pin inserts
• Size 14S with 2, 3A, 3B, 3C, (different pin orientations) 4, 5, 6, & 7 pin inserts
• Size 16S with 2, 3A, 3B, 5, & 7 pin inserts
• Size 18 with 3, 4, 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D, 6, 10A & 10B pin inserts

MIL-Spec Series Insert Arrangement and 5015 Cross Reference>>

Mencom MIL-Spec circular connectors are available in 4 shell sizes in 10SL, 14S, 16S and 18, which are fully intermateable with existing 5015 style connectors.
Each shell size allows for a variety of pin counts and configurations. These connectors use threaded couplings to mate and provide IP67 protection.

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Mencom Offers the Comprehensive Lineup of Programming Ports and DIN Rail Interface Modules

Posted on February 22nd, 2016

Programming ports, DIN Rail ModulesA Panel Interface Connector (PIC) has several different names in the industry such as programming ports, programming interface or interface ports. They typically mount on the outside of a control panel enclosure and provide a quick, easy and safe method of accessing the contents inside the cabinet without opening the control panel door. By using a PIC to communicate with a PLC inside the cabinet, you can eliminate downtime and prevent risk of arc flash & other safety concerns while saving significant time and money. Mencom PICs are rated IP65 (NEMA 4, 4X, 12) so they can reduce potential risk of the enclosure being exposed to any unwanted substances in harsh environments.


Mencom, the industry leader in Panel Interface Connectors, has well over 3,000 designs in production that provide safety, convenience and flexibility for programmers and trouble-shooters.

In addition to the traditional PIC where multiple components can be mixed into one housing to meet your specific needs, Mencom offers smaller interface circular connectors known as Port Adapters, ideal for tight spaces. They are available in metal and plastic versions and can easily be mounted to a cabinet through a 1” diameter hole. These circular port adapters are designed to use a single interface component. Several component options are available including but not limited to, RJ45, RJ11, USB type A, USB type B, BNC, and fiber optics connectors. Like the traditional PIC, these port adapters are also rated IP65.


T35 DIN Rail Modules, also known as breakout boards, are designed to make connections inside the panel. They can be mounted with a wide variety of connectors to the DIN rail while taking up minimal space. These modules are easily customizable, with quick turnaround from design to delivery.


Mencom has a team of engineers with decades of experience. Combined with a progressive manufacturing facility, they are not only ready to provide a solution but also able to assist challenging connectivity issues from small changes to custom terminations & assemblies with affordable costs and fast turnaround.

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ILME COB Panel Supports for Multipole Connectors

Posted on January 14th, 2016

The heavy duty multipole connectors are used in electric and electronic machinery, control units, electric panels, control equipment for various industrial purposes, and wherever connections are required for power and signaling circuits.

ILME COBILME is an industry leader in the heavy duty multipole rectangular connectors. Their rugged designs make them perfect for harsh industrial environments, and are perfect for getting a connection to or from your electrical panel. However they do not stop there.

ILME also offers a wide variety of connectors for use inside your electrical cabinet with their COB (connector on board) series. The COB system does not need the traditional metallic enclosures to use multipole connectors inside electric panels, because protection is provided by the electric panel itself. Since there is no need for the degree of protection of outside the electric panel, the design is simple, easy to use, and geared for functionality. The COB system is very versatile thanks to the Interchangeability of the connector inserts.

The COB system offers the following advantages:
– Reduction in cost and space with respect to metallic enclosures and traditional terminal boards
– Possibility of rewiring at the connector bench with connected devices
– Easy wiring inspection and tests with coupled connectors, thanks to rear access to the inserts via the turnover device
– Fast mounting in panels thanks to the snap fastening device on the DINEN 60715 rails
– Sturdy support structure, specific to the size of each insert and does not require any preparation
– Broad passage for housing of conductor cables
– Mobile parts prearranged for the clamping of bundles of conductors of multipolar cables to prevent contact with the connector contacts

Mencom is also the North American Master Distributor for ILME rectangular connectors. Mencom’s headquarter and warehouse facilities are located in Oakwood, Ga., just north of Atlanta.

Please click HERE to browse the parts.

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Mencom announces the ILME CSH Series “SQUICH” tool-free inserts

Posted on December 3rd, 2015

ILME SquichMencom CSH Series “SQUICH” spring terminal rectangular connectors offer ease of use and cost savings on any harsh manufacturing floors and rugged industrial environments by providing quick-connect solutions for a variety of production machinery. Each of the spring terminals has an actuator button incorporated in the cavity. When this button is pressed with a finger, it triggers the closure of the spring device of the corresponding terminal, safely and reliably connecting the conductor to its respective electric contact in the connector. To reopen the terminals, simply insert the tip of a common flat blade screwdriver in the pocket on the actuator, and using a levering motion, gently press the screwdrivers downwards. This will lift up the actuator back to the “open terminal” position. CSH series “SQUICH” is available in 6, 10, 16, 24, 32 and 48 pole configuration.

The cabling time of the SQUICH connector can be 50% quicker than the screw-type connection and 20% quicker than the conventional spring-type connection, and CSH connector inserts can be mated with the corresponding inserts of series CNE, CSE, CCE, CTE, CTSE, CN, CT and CSS. They also offer gastight connections to meet the needs found in some hazardous and controlled production environments.

The CSH series “SQUICH” offers the following advantages:

• Reduced cabling time
• No need for tools
• Quick identification of cabled and non-cabled terminals
• Terminals already opened for conductor clamping
• Possibility to use wires with or without ferrule of up to 2.5mm2


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Mencom M23 Encoder Cables and Connectors

Posted on November 4th, 2015

Encoder-ConnectorsEncoders are devices to monitor the position of mechanical motion that generates digital signals in response to motion. There are two types of encoders: a linear type that responds to motion along a path and a rotary type that responds to rotational motion. Due to their powerful feedback control elements they are used in the diverse motion sensing applications including packaging, robotics, pick and place, lead/ball screw, rotary positioning and component insertion applications.
Since compact and rugged connectors are essential for cable-to-cable and cable-to-machine to control signal transmission and ensure stable and reliable encoder feedback in tough industrial environments, typically M23 circular connectors are widely used for standard encoders and standard no shaft encoders in many industries.
Mencom, a leading manufacturer of industrial electrical connectors since 1987, offers over-molded 12, 16, 17, & 19 pole M23 encoder connectors with straight or right angle heads.  The connectors are all UL listed and designed to endure positive vibration for use with motor drives and moving assemblies. Plus they provide IP67 rating for harsh industrial environments. The cable jackets are available in ITC-ER PVC, shielded PUR and shielded TPE jacket and they are offered in many standard off the shelf lengths. The mating receptacles are available with ½”NPT, Back mount, Panel Mount, Rear mount, M20 or M20-long (for thicker panels) mounting threads. Along with being the only manufacturer to offer M23 receptacles in ½” NPT shells, Mencom provides a wide variety of color codes to match your encoder application needs.  The standard shell material is nickel plated brass, while the M20 is also available in stainless steel.
Please visit for more information.

Mencom Electrical Connectors for Industrial Automation

Posted on October 5th, 2015

Automation ConnectorsAutomation is a key part of almost all manufacturing today.
Some of the main benefits of Industrial Automation are:

Reduced Costs

What once took one or more people to do, can now be accomplished with one robot, which contributes to significant reduction in material handling, orientation time, parts inspection, and training.

Increased Productivity

Automation improves the response time as products flow from operation to operation.
Sub-assemblies can be integrated into the automation line in order to eliminate individual workstations.
Manufacturing can now be performed 24/7 without fall out of operator error.

Improved Quality

Automated product inspection, and in-process testing to verify the product is correct before sending it to the next operation.
When automation is used to test products, the parameters must be quantified so the products are accepted or rejected according to those parameters. This eliminates the subjective decision-making and potential for operator error, which is present when testing is manually done.

Greater Efficiency

Robots can be programmed to perform a multitude of tasks. Once programmed, robots will do the same job consistency without fatigue. This is one of the reasons automation projects are often initiated when an operation is dangerous, strenuous, or monotonous. In most cases, the productivity gained by eliminating the difficult or repetitive operation will justify the expense of automation.

Many companies today are moving to an automated and integrated manufacturing facility. With so much time and effort put into automating and streamlining production, it is imperative to keep these machines in working order. Almost all automated machinery is connected by quick disconnect electrical connectors for faster replacement.  However, without good quality connectors, manufacturers will spend more time and money for replacing these connectors.

Mencom Corporation is one of the industry leaders in Industrial Automation Connectors, and has a great reputation of producing top quality products. Whether you need connectors for power, data, communication, sensing, or any other industrial application, Mencom has the connection the automation manufacturers are looking for.


If you have any questions for your future automation project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The Benefit of Panel Interface Connector Private Labeling

Posted on September 8th, 2015

PIC label_available sizeMencom offers private labeling for Panel Interface Connectors also known as programming ports or program ports. For high volume OEM customers, Mencom, the brand leader in Panel Interface Connectors, can customize the label with clients’ company information and place onto the front of their Panel Interface Connectors, prominently advertising their own unique brand identity.  High resolution and variable dot printing technology will ensure to deliver impressive and high quality results.

The major benefits of private labeling are the followings.

Brand loyalty

Private branding allows the OEM to present their own unique image, which creates a marketing identity and promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty


End users will not find the custom brand product somewhere else on the internet

Custom tailored

The labels can be tailored to meet clients’ specifications, including product name, description, company’s logo and contact information

Residual Business

The part is labeled with client’s part number and company info, so when the end user needs a replacement, or wants additional parts, they will be contacting the OEM and not the manufacturer
If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Mencom at PACK EXPO 2015

Posted on August 28th, 2015


Mencom Corporation is participating in the PACK EXPO 2015 (September 28-30) in Las Vegas– Booth S-6378 in the Lower South Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Mencom will be presenting a wide range of Industrial Electrical Connector Products including, but not limited to, new products, m12 connectors, cordsets, receptacles, network connectors, rectangular connectors, panel interface connectors and junction blocks.

Please note that Free Registry does not apply to non-exhibiting suppliers or distributors and they are required to pay standard attendance fees. If you are non-exhibiting suppliers or distributors, please choose either End Use/Buyer, Retailer or Contract Packager in the Attendee Type on the Profile page to be qualified for the free badge. Also don’t forget use comp code 38Q15 in the Promotional Code.

attendee type

Register now for your free badge and visit us at Booth S-6378!

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Mencom Waterproof Connectors

Posted on August 12th, 2015

waterproof-connectorsThere are as many terms used to describe waterproof connectors as there are reasons for needing one, such as water resistant, water repellent, and watertight. The best way to ensure you have the proper connector for your project is to find the IP rating associated with the connector you plan to use.

IP (Ingress Protection) rating is the most common system for evaluating how “waterproof” your connector is. IP rating is categorized by two digit numbers. The first digit represents the protection rating against solid foreign objects such as dusts. The second digit represents the protection against the ingress of liquids.

Mencom offers a wide selection of waterproof connectors from IP44 and IP68 connectors. Typical IP ratings for waterproof connectors in the manufacturing industry are IP67 and IP65. IP67 waterproof connectors provide complete protection against dust, and ingress of water when immersed in one meter of water for 30 minutes. IP65 waterproof connectors provide complete protection against dust, and protection of water jets from all directions. For details>>


NEW Plastic Port Adapters now available

Posted on August 11th, 2015

Plastic-Port-AdaptersMencom now offers their classic port adapters in a low profile black plastic shell with a M25 mounting thread. They are rated IP65, which means they provide total protection against dust and jets of water from all directions. These new plastic port adapters offer a substantial savings compared to the metal versions.

These port adapters have a RJ45, USB Type A, or USB Type B connector potted inside the plastic shell, and can easily be mounted to a cabinet through a 1” diameter hole.

Please visit the Plastic port adapter page for more details.