Mencom Waterproof/Watertight Connectors

Posted on July 15th, 2015
There are as many terms used to describe waterproof connectors as there are reasons for needing one, such as water resistant, water repellent, and watertight.  The best way to ensure you have the proper connector for your project is to find the IP rating associated with the connector you plan to use.
waterproof connectors
IP (Ingress Protection) rating is the most common system for evaluating how “waterproof” your connector is.  IP ratings are categorized by two digit numbers. The first digit represents the protection rating against solid foreign objects such as dusts. The second digit represents the protection against the ingress of liquids.

Mencom offers a wide selection of waterproof connectors from IP44 to IP68. Typical IP ratings for waterproof connectors in the manufacturing industry are IP67 and IP65. IP67 waterproof connectors provide complete protection against dust, and ingress of water when immersed in one meter of water for 30 minutes. IP65 waterproof connectors provide complete protection against dust, and protection of water jets from all directions.

IP rating infographic

Download IP Rating Guide.pdf

Mencom IP Rating Chart

M12 A-Code Micro-DC Connectors

Micro-DC Connectors
M12 A-Code


M12 B-Code Euro-AC Connectors

Euro-AC Connectors
M12 B-Code


1/2"-20 C-Code Micro-AC Connectors

Micro-AC Connectors
1/2″-20 C-Code


M8 Pico/Nano NAN Connectors

NANO Connectors
M8 Pico


M12 D-Code Ethernet Connectors

Ethernet Connectors
M12 D-Code

IP65, IP67

Devicenet Connectors

DeviceNet Connectors
7/8″-16UN & M12

IP65, IP67

Foundation Fieldbus Connectors

Foundation Fieldbus
7/8″-16UN & M12

IP65, IP67

Profibus-DP Connectors




7/8″-16UN & M12


M12 D-Code Profinet Connectors

Profinet Connectors
M12 D-Code


MINI Series

MINI Connectors
Size I,II,III, Power Series


M23 Connectors

M23 Connectors
M16 & M27


Solenoid Valve Connectors

Solenoid Valve Connectors

ILME Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors

Rectangular Connectors
IP44, IP65, IP66,
IP66/67, IP68

Panel Interface Connectors

Panel Interface Connectors

Port adapters

Port Adapters
Standard & Low Profile
IP65, IP66

Junction Blocks

Junction Blocks
M12, 1/2″, M8, 7/8″


Cable Glands
IP55, IP65, IP66,
IP67, IP68

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NEW Plastic Port Adapters now available

Posted on June 15th, 2015

plastic port adaptersMencom now offers their classic port adapters in a low profile black plastic shell with a M25 mounting thread. They are rated IP65, which means they provide total protection against dust and jets of water from all directions. These new plastic port adapters offer a substantial savings compared to the metal versions.

These port adapters have a RJ45, USB Type A, or USB Type B connector potted inside the plastic shell, and can easily be mounted to a cabinet through a 1” diameter hole.

Please visit the Plastic port adapter page for more details.

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IP(Ingress Protection) Rating Guide

Posted on June 2nd, 2015

IP (Ingress Protection) rating is the most common system for evaluating how “dust & waterproof” your connector is. IP ratings are categorized by two digit numbers. The first digit represents the protection rating against solid foreign objects such as dusts. The second digit represents the protection against the ingress of liquids. Typical IP ratings for waterproof connectors in the manufacturing industry are IP67 and IP65.

IP rating infographic

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M23 Over-Molded Cordsets and Receptacles

Posted on May 7th, 2015

The versatility of Mencom M23 series makes it perfect for applications such as servo drives, motors, and encoders.  The 12 and 19 pin configurations are commonly used for standard industrial signal and control applications as well.  The “M23” refers to the size of the thread used to mate the cable to the receptacle.

Along with being the only manufacture to offer M23 receptacles in ½” NPT shells, Mencom offers a wide variety of color codes to match your application needs.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

M23 Cables & Receptacles

M23 Cordsets & Receptacles

Mencom manufactures 12, 16, 17, & 19 pole over-molded cables. These cables are available with straight or right angle heads. The 12 and 19 pole are made with rugged PUR jacket material while the 16 and 17 pole utilize a weld resistant TPE jacket. All cables are available in many standard off the shelf lengths. For custom applications please contact the factory. The mating receptacles are available with ½”NPT, Panel Mount, M20 or M20-long (for thicker panels) mounting threads.

The standard shell material is nickel plated brass, while the M20 is also available in stainless steel.

If you have any question, we are just a phone call away!

Monday-Friday 8:00a – 5:00p EST

Cable Jacket Performance Guide

Posted on May 4th, 2015

The choice of cable jacket will depend on many factors such as extreme temperature, a variety of liquid and chemicals and physically abusive environment. The infographic shows a summary of the properties of the most commonly used materials, PVC, PUR and TPE, to help facilitate a better decision on the most appropriate cable jacket for your application.

Cable jaket performance guide

If you have any question, we are just a phone call away!

Monday-Friday 8:00a – 5:00p EST

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2015 Mencom Customer Survey – Share Your Opinion with Us!

Posted on March 9th, 2015

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M12 & 1/2-20″ Connectors Keyway Chart

Posted on February 19th, 2015

Circular M12 and ½-20″ cordsets and receptacles are available in a variety of pin configurations and wire color codes. In addition to a variety of pin out and color code differences, each of these connectors also has distinct keyways. Below is a chart displaying these keyways.

M12 Connectors Keyway Chart

If you have any question, we are just a phone call away!

Monday-Friday 8:00a – 5:00p EST

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Custom Connectivity Solutions

Posted on January 27th, 2015


In the industrial manufacturing Industry, connectivity failures can lead to costly downtime, temporary outage, and in the worst case scenario, cause a line down situation in the facility.

In most cases, the connectivity issues are caused by one of following conditions:

  • Small dusts or particles getting into threads and contacts between connectors
  • Liquids and chemicals causing corrosion of the connector
  • Damaged connectors and housings

If you are experiencing difficulties related to your connectivity, Mencom can provide you the solution to help you save money and time.

flexible custom solutions

Mencom has a capable team of engineers with decades of experience. Combined with a progressive manufacturing facility, we are able to assist your challenging connectivity issues with affordable costs and fast turnaround. From small changes to custom terminations and assemblies, we are ready to provide you a solution.

-          Dust and water tight IP quick disconnect connectors

-          Multiple choice of materials for different environments

-          Armored and aggressive environment connectors

-         Custom length for cables and receptacle leads

-          Custom over-molding onto customer cables and sensors

-          Plug & Play customization  – to meet your spec

-          Adding ring terminals, spade terminals, ferrules

-          And more

These are just a few examples of the value added features Mencom can offer. Please contact us now to see what solutions we can provide for your complicated connectivity issue.

We are just a phone call away!

Monday-Friday 8:00a – 5:00p EST

Industrial Ethernet and Network Connectivity Solutions

Posted on December 9th, 2014

Industrial network systems allow for real-time distributed control of many connection points from a single controller. These “network bus” systems reduce the total amount of cable required and can simplify the overall design. Mencom offers a broad range of industrial network connectivity products to streamline your installation.

 Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet Cordsets

Using Ethernet in industrial applications is becoming more prevalent. This has increased the need for Ethernet product that is built to handle harsh environments. Mencom has addressed this need with a series of rugged Ethernet products. Our E45V3 series connectors allow for an IP67 rating while using standard RJ45 connectors.

Mencom also offers M12 threaded over-molded cables, receptacles and field wireable plugs. We refer to this series with a MDE45 prefix. The MDE45 series utilizes M12 4 wire (D-Coded) connectors with 2 pair Cat 5e cables or M12 8 wire (A-Coded) connectors with 4 pair Cat 5e cable. The MDE45 is specifically used in Industrial Ethernet applications, and has teal cable using twisted pairs of wires inside. This connector has a unique keyway that is known as D-coded.

Ethernet Switches

Our Unmanaged Fast Ethernet Switches are designed to work in a variety of industrial environments.

These switches protect themselves from receiving too many broadcast packets. During normal use, broadcast packets will be forwarded to all ports except the source port. However, it will discard broadcast or multicast packets if the number of those packets exceeds a threshold in a preset period of time. When the preset period expires (about 800ms), it will then resume receiving broadcast or multicast packets until the threshold is reached again.

Each switch provides two redundant power inputs that can be connected simultaneously to a wide range of DC power sources. If one of the power inputs fails, the other live source acts as a backup to provide the power needs automatically.

Panel Mount Adapters

Mencom provides two new convenient ways to simplify your industrial Ethernet connection application.

Our pass-through single port M12 D-code is the ultimate in plug and play. The M12 connector on the outside of the panel available in male or female gender, will accept any D-code Industrial Ethernet M12 cables. The ‘Easy to Use Female RJ45 Jack’ on the inside of the panel accepts your standard RJ45 patch cord.

If your application calls for several Ethernet connections, our 4 port M12 panel is the answer. With 4 easy to access, custom labeled, M12 D-Code receptacles mounted to one plate, installation is quick and efficient. Each receptacle passes through the panel to a convenient female RJ45 jack on the inside. The plate comes with a gasket to ensure the environmental protection of your control cabinet.

UL Listing and CE

Mencom’s products have been certified for compliance with both Canadian and U.S. safety requirements by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and the UL Listed mark now appears on most of our end products. UL is a non-profit organization that has developed more than 1,000 safety standards for 100 years and tested electrical devices for safety and functionality to the maximum. The UL Listing Mark means our products have met the highest industrial safety standard by UL and there were no modifications made from the original design for UL certifications testing.

Mencom’s products are also acknowledged by CE as being certified for compliance.  The CE marking is the manufacturer’s declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC (European Union) directives.

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Are you looking for Fast & Reliable Sensor Connectors?

Posted on November 6th, 2014

Sensor cable Header

Mencom’s quick disconnect sensor connectors and cabling offers fast and reliable solutions for the connectivity between the sensors and the control panel. Our sensor cables are over-molded with a variety of outer jacket material with or without shielding to provide the next line of defense for harsh applications. Armored cables for enhanced protection are available in MDC, MAC and MEC series.

Sensor cables

Micro-DC Series (MDC): M12 Threads, A-coded

The MDC series has a single keyway which is known as A-coded. The M12 is a reference to the thread type used in the connection of this product. The euro color code (without a ground wire) and the single keyway (A-Coded) distinguishes the MDC from other connectors that are similar in size and function. The uses of these applications in industrial automation are limitless, but they are commonly used in factory automation for items such as sensors, actuators, motors, switches, safety light curtains and mats, and interlock switches to name a few.

Micro-AC Series (MAC): 1/2″-20 Threads, C-coded

 Although the MAC series is commonly used for AC or DC application and similar in size to the MDC series, it has some unique differences. The MAC series uses a ½-20 mating thread and has a first make last break extended ground pin. The use of a double keyway (C-Coded) prevents it from accidentally plugging into one of the other similarly sized connectors.

Euro-AC Series (MEC): M12 Threads, B-coded

The MEC series has a reversed single keyway which is known as B-coded.  This allows two unique M12 connectors to be mounted on the same panel without fear of incorrectly coupling connectors to equipment with varrying voltage and amperages.  As with the MDC and MAC series, the Euro-AC does not imply that they are only used in AC applications.

NAN Series (Pico): M8 Threads

The M8 (NAN-series) is often referred to as a “pico” or “nano” connector. The small size makes it the perfect choice when space is limited. The M8 is commonly used with many of the miniature proximity, hall-effect and photo-electric sensors. The NAN series is available in 2 different versions;  snap-on (available in 3, 4 and 6 pole) and thread-on (available in 3 and 4 pole). Male connectors in this series can be used to mate with both the snap-on and threaded females connectors.The male has threads and the small snap ring. Both snap-on and thread-on versions have the same water tight specifications (IP67) as well as the same voltage and amperage rating. It is simply customer preference as to which one suits their needs. Please note that there is no such part as a snap-on female receptacle.

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