Product/System Overviews

Below you’ll find links to overviews and information pertaining to our many product lines.  If you’re looking for something specific and don’t find it, please give us a call or drop us a line.

over-molded circular cordsets Over-Molded Circular Cordsets
Mencom Over-Molded Circular Connectors, including but not limited to  MINI, M12,  M23 and Ethernet Series, offer a durable, economical, and reliable solution for many power, signal, and communication applications. Mencom Circular Connectors attain a UL 2238 and IP67 rating.
armored-cables Armored Cables
Mencom’s line of armored, quick disconnect cordsets provides a rugged solution for harsh environments. They are available in MDC(M12) Connectors and MIN(7/8′) Connectors.
field-wireable-comparison Field Wireable Connectors Size Comparison
Mencom Field Wireable Connectors offer plug-and-play connectivity for electrical wiring to make installation easier in various applications. This page displays the chart to compare the actual size of M12 & 1/2″-20 and 7/8″ MINI Series Field Wireable.
Industrial Network Connectors Industrial Network Overview
This page runs through a brief overview of the many network protocols covered by our line of industrial electrical connectors. These include the Bus networks as well as Ethernet and DeviceNet.
M23 Connectors M23 Series Connectors
Mencom is now producing 12 & 19 pole M23 over-molded plugs. Available in straight and right angle, molded versions, utilizing a rugged PUR jacket in a wide variety of lengths. Also available are the mating 12 & 19 pole M23 receptacles with ½” NPT, Panel Mount, Back Mount, M20 or M20-long (for thicker panels) mounting threads. The standard shell material is nickel plated brass while the M20 is also available in stainless steel.
ILME Rectangular Connectors ILME Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors & Kits
ILME Heavy Duty Rectangular connectors are comprised of 5 key components. A base, a hood, a cable gland(NPT Thread Options) and a male and female insert. One of our featured components is the Squich insert which incorporates a tool-less spring termination method. Mencom also offers Rectangular Connector Kits including a base, the mating hood and the male and female insert (View PDF brochure).
keyway-chart M12 & 1/2″-20 Connectors Keyway Chart
Circular M12 and ½-20″ cordsets and receptacles are available in a variety of pin configurations and wire color codes. In addition to a variety of pin out and color code differences, each of these connectors also has distinct keyways. This chart displays these keyways.
MINI_M23 connectors overview MIN & MC Series Connector Overview
This page displays our Quick Disconnect MIN Series (2-Pole through 19-Pole) connectors and MC Series (M16, M23, M27) connectors.
Solenoid-Valve-Connectors Solenoid Valve Connectors
This page displays the circuit and form options for Solenoid Valve Connectors.
flexible cable Flexible Cables
Mencom provides the High Performance Flex cables in the 4-pole series of our MDC (M12) line of connectors for continuous motion applications in the robotic and automation industry.

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