Panel Interface Connectors

Mencom Corporation | 1-770-534-4585 | ABOUT MENCOM The Industry Leader in Panel Interface Connector You can Prevent Arc Flash! Mencom, the industry leader in Panel Interface Connectors, has well over 3,000 designs in production. Mencom’s dedicated team of engineers combine decades of experience with progressive manufacturing to SURYLGH QHZ VROXWLRQV UHJXODUO\ )URP D VPDOO PRGLÀFDWLRQ WR D FRPSOHWHO\ QHZ 3,& WKH\ DUH UHDG\ WR SURYLGH D solution for any challenging connectivity issues. All of that at an affordable cost and with a fast turn-around. A Panel Interface Connector (PIC) has several different names in the industry such as programming ports, programming interface or interface ports. They typically mount on the outside of a control panel enclosure and provide a quick, easy and safe method of accessing the contents inside the cabinet without opening the control panel door. By using a PIC to communicate with a PLC inside the cabinet, you can eliminate downtime and prevent risk of Arc Flash & other VDIHW\ FRQFHUQV ZKLOH VDYLQJ VLJQLÀFDQW WLPH DQG PRQH\ 0HQFRP PICs are rated IP65 (NEMA 4, 4X, 12) so they can reduce potential risk of the enclosure being exposed to any unwanted substances in harsh environments. Don’t want this to happen to you... Use Mencom Corporation Panel Interface Connectors Q U A L I T Y S Y S T E M C E R T I F I C A T I O N ISO 9001:2015