ILME Catalog

207 i inserts for High Number of Matings HNM series HNM 6SHFLILFDOO\ GHVLJQHG IRU DSSOLFDWLRQV UHTXLULQJ D KLJK QXPEHU RI PDWLQJ F\FOHV WKH HNM series guarantees up to 10.000 matings . ,GHDO IRU WHVW EHQFKHV WKH VSHFLDO HNM inserts guarantee 10.000 matings when used together with the dedicated enclosure series WKDQNV WR WKH VSHFLDO DQWLIULFWLRQ treatment applied both on the contacts of the inserts and on the V-TYPE locking lever and the riveted pegs. 5.000 matings are achieved when working with standard enclosures. The series features special versions of the 10 and 16A gold plated crimp contacts to be used both with special crimp inserts (up to 108 poles) and with standard MIXO inserts mounted in special frames HTXLSSHG ZLWK gold PE contacts . HNM series TECHNICAL FEATURES SUM-UP › Special treatment + special lubricant › HNM marking on each insert