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dimensions shown in mm are not binding and may be changed without notice 671 i Accessories CIF PCB adapters interface 16A contacts for interface for printed circuit silver plated inserts page: CQ 8 poles + m 192 description part No. part No. The block is soldered on the printed circuit on which the multipole connector (female or male) equipped with coupling contacts will then be inserted. 27,6 2,7 3,85 23,6 30,6 PCB-Layout 12 ø 1,8 ø 6,4 15 CCMFA (M) 25 22,2 ø 4,5 ø 4,5 ø 2,5 CCFFA (F) PCB adapter with contacts CIF Q08 1.6 for up to 1,6 mm thick PCB 16A female contacts for female inserts CCFFA 16A male contacts for male inserts CCMFA silver plated ACCESSORIES