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tool in closed position spring clip selector knob positioner guide tool in open position bayonet pin dataplate positioner “K” series safety clip 2. Crimping range Conductor cross-sectional area range: from 0,08 mm 2 (28 AWG) to 0,52 mm 2 (20 AWG). Caution! The handle of the tool must be in the open position when the positioner is installed, disassembled or opened. If not, the positioner and the crimping tool may be damaged. .75 MAX 7.50 MAX .63 MAX 2.00 MAX CLOSED 4.50 MAX OPEN bayonet pins (2) locator dataplate body CITP D positioner CRIMPING TOOLS 1. General specifications The CIPZ D crimping tool (Daniels designation AFM8) conforms to the U.S. Military Standard MIL-C-22520/2C (designation M22520/2-01) (1) . Crimping is performed with 8 pressure points and the tool is equipped with a geared mechanism to control the complete crimping cycle. The tool must be equipped with an interchangeable positioner (CITP D or CIVTP D) according to the series of contacts to be crimped. (1) Since October 2011 the MIL-C-22520 series is being progressively replaced by a corresponding SAE (1) AS22520 series. The military series will be fully cancelled once all SAE parts will be published. SAE International, so named since 2006 and established in 1905 as the Society of Automotive Engineers , is a U.S.-based, globally active professional association and standards developing organization working in various industries, having as core business the transport industries such as automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicles. Note: dimensions in inches 718 Crimping tools Use and maintenance instructions