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Mencom Corporation | 1-770-534-4585 | E-27 E Crimping Tool Body Style Part Number Description CCPZ-MIL The CCPZ-MIL crimping tool conforms to the international standard MIL-C-22520/1. The crimping is performed with 8 pressure points. The tool is equipped with a ratcheting mechanism to insure a complete crimping cycle is performed every time. This tool must be equipped with one of the interchangeable locators according to the series of contacts that are to be crimped. The selector dial on the side of the tool to adjust the crimp depth according to the contact and wire size being crimped. Go - No Go Gauge CCPNP The indenting “teeth” on the crimp tool are subject to wear, so it is important to check the calibration of the tool at regular intervals. The CCPNP gauge is a Go - No Go Gauge that is used to make sure the tool is crimping properly. 1. To use the CCPNP, put the CCPZ-MIL selector dial to position 4. 2. Put the crimping tool in a completely closed position. 3. “GO” -- Insert the “GO” (green) end of the CCPNP into the crimp area. The gauge must pass freely between the indenter “teeth”. 4. “NO-GO” --Insert the “NO-GO” (red) end of the CCPNP into the crimp area. The gauge must not pass between the indenter “teeth”. 5. If the NO-GO end of the gauge passes through the indenter “teeth”, the indenters are worn and need to be replaced. Please consult the factory to get the tool repaired. Assembly Tool MCV-001 0&9 LV DQ DVVHPEO\ WRRO WR DLG LQ WKH DVVHPEO\ RI WKH 0&9 ¿HOG ZLUHDEOH connectors that have female couplings. The MCV-001 will hold the connector and prevent it from rotating while the connector backshell is threaded onto the back of the connector. &ULPSLQJ 7RRO _ *DJH _ /RFDWRUV _ $VVHPEO\ 7RRO Mencom understand that many customers have a one-time requirement of the MC Series of product and prefer not to purchase tooling to perform the crimping. To help these customers, Mencom has a month to month tool lease program. Please consul the factory for information about this program. MCV, MCVH, MCX & MCL Series Accessories MCV, MCVH, MCX & MCL Series Tools Locators Body Style # of Poles Part Number Description MCV 6 & 7 MCTP-V6 7KH ORFDWRU LV GHVLJQHG WR EH XVHG ZLWK VHYHUDO GLႇHUHQW contacts within a contact series. The label on the side of the locator will indicate the proper setting for the locator and the crimp tool relative to the contact being crimped. 12 MCTP-V12 19 MCTP-V19 MCVH 6 & 8 MCTP-VH6-8 M16, M23 & M27 Series