Mencom Catalog

NAN (M8) Series Mencom Corporation | 1-770-534-4585 | J-3 J R/A or Straight Connection Style Number of Conductors NAN - - - - - Cable Type &RQQHFWRU &RQÀJXUDWLRQ Length in Meters %ODQN 39& 3 385 03 0DOH 3OXJ )3 )HPDOH 3OXJ 0)3 0DOH )HPDOH ([WHQVLRQ 0)53 0DOH 6WUDLJKW )HPDOH 5LJKW $QJOH 05)3 0DOH 5LJKW $QJOH )HPDOH 6WUDLJKW %ODQN 6WUDLJKW 5 5LJKW $QJOH 8QOHVV WKH &RQQHFWRU &RQÀJXUDWLRQ LV 0)53 RU 05)3 ,I VLQJOH HQGHG FDEOH ULJKW DQJOH FRQQHFWRU WR Á\LQJ OHDGV ,I GRXEOH HQGHG FDEOH ULJKW DQJOH RQ ERWK FRQQHFWRUV 313 131 1M 2M 4M 5M 6M 10M 15M Other lengths are available by request. %ODQN 6QDS 2Q T = Thread-On 3 4 6 Transistor Type NAN (M8) Series Cordsets NAN Series Cordset Part Number Matrix Not all options available with all cordsets, please consult factory.