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Ethernet Series Mencom Corporation | 1-770-534-4585 | L-1 L Over-Molded Cordsets | Armored Cordsets | Receptacles | Field Wireables | Swiches | Accessories Etherplug ( M12) Ethernet Series Industrial network systems allow for real-time distributed control of many connection points from a single controller. These “network bus” systems reduce the total amount of cable required and can simplify the overall design. Mencom offers a broad range of industrial network connectivity products to streamline your installation. Using Ethernet in industrial applications is becoming more prevalent. This has increased the need for Ethernet product that is built to handle harsh environments. Mencom has addressed this need with a series of rugged Ethernet products. Our E45V3 series connectors allow for an IP67 rating while using standard RJ45 connectors. Mencom offers M12 threaded connectors. We refer to this series with a 0'( SUHÀ[ 2XU 0'( VHULHV XWLOL]HV 0 ZLUH ' &RGHG FRQQHFWRUV ZLWK SDLU &DW H FDEOHV RU 0 ZLUH $ &RGHG FRQQHFWRUV ZLWK SDLU &DW H FDEOH 7KH 0'( LV VSHFLÀFDOO\ XVHG LQ ,QGXVWULDO (WKHUQHW DSSOLFDWLRQV and has teal cable using twisted pairs of wires inside. This connector has a unique keyway that is known as D-coded. Industrial Ethernet D-coded 4 Pole 8 Pole A-coded 3 2 4 1 3 1 2 5 4 6 7 8 UL File #: E149111 5.51 140 Ø .20 5 2.05 52 .64 16.2 1.02 26