Mencom Catalog

Valve Connectors Mencom Corporation | 1-770-534-4585 | T-7 T Form A | Cordset Version | EN175301-803 | IP65 Rating **2 Ground locations available for 2+ Ground Versions. For cables with 3 + Ground, two standard orientations are available. Please refer to the part number system shown above each drawing. 6SHFLÀFDWLRQV Body: TPE Contacts: Copper Alloy with Silver Plating *DVNHW %XLOW LQ 73( Screw: Zinc Plated Steel &DEOH %ODFN 39& 3ROH [ $:* &DEOH 2 ' µ 3ROH [ $:* &DEOH 2 ' µ 7HPSHUDWXUH ',1 &DEOHV ž& WR ž& ž) WR ž) # of Poles Voltage Circuitry Cordsets 2 M 5 M 10M 2 + Ground** 250V AC/DC (Maximum) None VAN-220-00 VAN-520-00 VAN-A20-00 10-50V DC LED w/ Flyback Diode VAC-220-00 VAC-520-00 VAC-A20-00 24V AC/DC LED w/ MOV VAG-220-00 VAG-520-00 VAG-A20-00 110V AC/DC LED w/ MOV VAJ-220-00 VAJ-520-00 VAJ-A20-00 120V AC/DC %ULGJH 5HFWL¿HU Z /(' 029 VAR-220-00 VAR-520-00 VAR-A20-00 3 + Ground 250V AC/DC (maximum) None VAN-230-00 VAN-530-00 VAN-A30-00 10-50V AC/DC /(' $PEHU *UHHQ VAS-230-00 VAS-530-00 VAS-A30-00 120V AC/DC /(' $PEHU *UHHQ VAT-230-00 VAT-530-00 VAT-A30-00 Valve Pin # Color Code 2 + Ground 3 + Ground 1 Brown Brown 2 Blue Black 3 N/A Blue Ground Green/Yellow Green/Yellow See Page T-4 for VAS & VAT wiring. 2 Poles + Ground (Dual Ground) 3 Poles + Ground (Ground Cable Side) 3 Poles + Ground (Ground Opposite Cable Side) Vxx-x2x-xx Vxx-x3x-xx Vxx-x9x-xx Solenoid Valve Connectors Form A Solenoid Valve Cordsets