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V-6 Mencom Corporation | 1-770-534-4585 | Panel Interface Connectors V Contents Thousands of Components and Unlimited Possibilities Panel Interface Connectors V-7 Part Number Matrix V-32 Accessories V-36 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch Popular Models The Most Popular Models with Images Other Popular Models V-8 ~ V-15 V-16 ~ V-21 Panel Mount Junction Blocks JDC (M12) Series Ethernet Series V-38 ~ V-42 V-43 ~ V-44 V-33 V-34 V-35 Port Adapters Metal Plastic Back Mount V-22 V-23 V-24 V-25 ~ V-28 V-29 V-30 V-31 Components Power Ports Communication Ports Data Highway & Resets Housings Extension Cables D-Sub with Guaranteed Color Code RJ45 Other Cables • UL File # E491186 • Models containing an international power outlet do not carry UL. • All connections are normally straight through, pin 1 to pin 1, etc. • All D-Sub connectors are FEMALE EXTERIOR and MALE INTERIOR referenced to the cabinet. Other configurations such as male interior and exterior, male exterior and female interior, and female interior and exterior are available. • The 9 pin and 25 pin D-Subs pin configurations are available as a break out configuration in some units. These connectors allow for the D-Sub to be separated into individual lines. This allows the user to connect to the D-Sub by way of screw terminal connections. • All “mini-DIN” and circular DINS, BNC, Coax and RJs are configured FEMALE EXTERIOR and INTERIOR. • The standard reset is a 3 amp to limit the power output of the unit. Other amperages are available, please consult the factory. Basic PIC Facts