Mencom Catalog

V-12 Mencom Corporation | 1-770-534-4585 | Panel Interface Connectors V Part Number Description Faceview Part Number Description Faceview GF-RJ45-R-32 GFCI Receptacle RJ45 3 AMP Reset Size 32 Housing GF-DB9-RJ45-R-32 GFCI Receptacle 9 Pin D-Sub RJ45 3 AMP Reset Size 32 Housing DP1-RJ45-16LS Single Outlet RJ45 Size 16 Housing DB09-06LS 9 Pin D-Sub Size 6 Housing DP-RJ45-R-32 Duplex Receptacle RJ45 3 AMP Reset Size 32 Housing DP1-DB9-RJ45-16LS Single Outlet 9 Pin D-Sub RJ45 Size 16 Housing DP1-RJ45-R-24LS Single Outlet RJ45 3 AMP Reset Size 24 Housing EP-RJ45-R-32 European Receptacle RJ45 3 AMP Reset Size 32 Housing D-USB-*-06LS USB Form A Female with Cable to USB Form A Male Size 6 Housing RJ45-CVKIT Ethernet Kit RJ45 Size 6 Housing (Hood Incl.) GF-2-48LS 2 x GFCI Receptacle Size 48 Housing DP-USB-RJ45-32 Duplex Receptacle 2xUSB A Connections RJ45 Size 32 Housing GF-USB-RJ45-32 GFCI Receptacle 2xUSB A connections RJ45 Size 32 Housing GF-DB15-RJ45-USB- BFAF-32 GFCI Receptacle 15 Pin D-Sub RJ45 USB Form B Female to Form A Female Size 32 Housing GF-RJ45-32 GFCI Receptacle RJ45 Size 32 Housing RJ45-2-10LS 2- RJ45 Size 10 Housing RJ45-06LS RJ45 Size 6 Housing DP-3USB-AFAF-32 Duplex Receptacle 3 x USB A Female to Male Connector Size 32 Housing Standard Metal Housing | UL Type 4, 4X, 12 | IP65 Rating Panel Interface Connectors Popular PIC Models * Length in feet. Standard cable lengths are 3,6 & 10 feet. Consult factory for other lengths. PICs with International outlets are non-UL.