Circular Connector Overview (Quick Disconnect)

Circular MIN Series cordsets and receptacles are manufactured with standard contact positions.Below you will find a chart of these contact positions and examples of some of the products from Mencom that fall under each type.
MIN Series Size I; 5-Pole MIN Series Size II; 8 Pole MIN Series Size III; 19 Pole
MIN Series Size I

2 – 6 Poles

7/8″-16 Mating Thread

MIN Series Size II
6 – 8 Poles

1″-16 Mating Thread

MIN Series Size III
9, 10, 12, 19 Poles

1.125″-16 Mating Thread

MIN-5MP MIN Series Size 2 - MIN-8FPX-3
mcl-12-male-face M23 Receptacle MCX-26M M27 Connector
MCL Series M16
12, 14 Poles

M16 Mating Thread

Field Wireables and Back Mount Solder Cup

MCV Series M23
6, 7, 8, 12, 19 Poles

M23 Mating Thread

Cables and Receptacles

MCX Series M27
26, 28 Poles

M27 Mating Thread

Field Wireable Plugs and Receptacles

Field Wireable M16 MCL-12FP-FW07 MCV-19MP-5M-NUM MCX-26MR-BM-PCB

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