Many of our frequently asked questions are below. However, we encourage you to contact the factory with details about your project. We have people standing by to get into the details and help you decide what’s best for your application. Give us a call or scroll through the following for information. 770-534-4585.


What is your return policy?

What is the difference between PG11 and PG16?

How can I check availability of a particular part?

Where can I get a list of distributors in my area?

Are any of your cross reference guides published for me, as a distributor, to use?

Will you drop ship?

What is the order cut-off time to ship overnight?

What are the minimum order terms?

What are your normal lead times on delivery?

If I am using another brand of connectors can you supply me with an equal or similar part, a cross-reference?

What is the best way to decide what connector is best for my application?

What is the difference between NFPA 70 and NFPA 70E?

Certifications and Ratings

Are Mencom cables CE listed?

Does Mencom have RoHS certified products?

Does Mencom manufacture UL Cul, CSA rated products?

Connectors and Receptacles

What type of cable jacket materials are available for the Mencom cables?

How do I know if my M12 cable is A, B, or D-coded?

What is the difference between MIN and MINC?

What does the “SS” at the end of a part number mean?

Will an MDC extension cord connect to an MDC extension cord to “Daisy-Chain” a cord?

Will a MIN extension cord connect to a MIN extension cord to “Daisy-Chain” a cord?

Can I get a molded cable that is longer than the standard lengths shown in the catalog?

I have a single ended cable and need to put a cable gland on the blunt end. How do I find the cable diameter to be able to get the correct cable gland?

I would like a receptacle with longer leads than what is shown in the catalog. How do I go about finding the correct part number?

ILME Heavy Duty Connectors

What are the advantages of the new ILME Squish inserts?

Can I get ILME rectangular connectors in NPT threaded hoods and surface mounted bases?

I don’t know which components I need. Is there an easier way to select the heavy duty connector I need?

Panel Interface Connectors

Where can I learn about NFPA 70E?

I understand designing or adding a panel interface port into a control panel will help prevent accidental arc flash and provide increased safety; where can I learn more about rules or standards?

Your panel interface competitor uses a clear plastic lid, why does Mencom use a metal lid?

Why aren’t all of the panel interfaces shown in the catalog?

Network Products

Does Mencom carry managed Ethernet switches?

Junction Blocks

What is your product offering on passive or smart Junction boxes ?

Solenoid Valve Connectors

I have solenoid valve connectors on my machines. How to I determine the right solenoid type for replacement?

What are the available circuit configurations for valve connectors?Solenoid Valve Connector

Cable Glands

What type of strain relief products do you offer?

Do you offer explosion proof cable glands?

What type of strain relief products do you offer?

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