Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


General Information
What is your return policy?
Upon inspection, an unused product that can be repackaged and returned to inventory can be returned with a 15% restocking fee. Excluded from this policy are all crimp contact pins. For more information, Please call our customer service department.
How can I check the availability of a particular part?
Search for the part# or connector type and the product(s) will be displayed with our current inventory. If the need is immediate or if the quantity available shown is close to your quantity need, please call us to verify availability. M-F 8:00a – 5:00p...
Where can I get a list of distributors in my area?
Please call us for distributors in your area — 770-534-4585
Are any of your cross-reference guides published for me, as a distributor, to use?
Not at this time. In such a dynamic market, we would prefer to speak with you personally about each cross. Often we find there are easier, less expensive, or more readily available products to help you service your customers. Contact us now for more ...
What are the minimum order terms?
We do not have minimum order requirements at this time. We feel that you should be able to order the parts you need when you need them.
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Shipping & Delivery
Will you drop ship?
Yes, we offer drop ship at no additional charge.
What is the order cut-off time to ship overnight?
3:00pm EST
What are your normal lead times on delivery?
This will depend on the products required. Our standard lead time is the best in the industry, we pride ourselves in super-quick deliveries. Please call for specific product inquiries.
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Certifications and Ratings
Does Mencom manufacture UL Cul, CSA rated products?
Yes, we can provide the file numbers upon request. You can also access this information on our Certifications page.
Are Mencom cables CE listed?
Yes. You’ll find our CE Declarations here.
Does Mencom have RoHS certified products?
Yes, we can send a letter of compliance on request. Also, see our Certifications page.
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Connectors and Receptacles
What types of cable jacket materials are available for the Mencom cables?
We offer several standard options: PVC, PUR, TPE, High Flex PUR.We can over-mold customer-provided cables. For example, the customer has a sensor with cable and needs a connector over-molded on the end of that cable. We also offer armored coverings: ...
How do I know if my M12 cable is A, B, or D-coded?
Click here to see our Contact Position Overview.
What is the difference between MIN and MINC?
MIN is the standard series and has the pins numbered 1-4 going counter-clockwise from the keyway. MINC is the European version designed to be used with the MINC series. The pin placement is different and the male has male threaded coupling nuts.
What does the “SS” at the end of a part number mean?
It means the coupling nut is made of stainless steel. This applies to our MIN series cable and receptacles as well as our M12 (Micro DC and Micro AC) products. If a part number does not have the “-SS” extension it could be clear anodized aluminum or ...
Will an MDC extension cord connect to an MDC extension cord to “Daisy-Chain” a cord?
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ILME Rectangular Connectors
What are the advantages of the new ILME Squish inserts?
There are many advantages and benefits to this new product from ILME. 1. 50% labor savings over screw termination2. Eliminates human error as to the tightening of the screws3. Highest vibration resistance in terminations4. No thermocycling/screw termination...
Can I get ILME rectangular connectors in NPT threaded hoods and surface mounted bases?
Yes, Mencom was the first to offer NPT rectangular connectors; many of the hoods and bases are threaded from the factory and do not require adapters.More information: NPT Thread Options.
I don’t know which components I need. Is there an easier way to select the heavy duty connector I need?
Yes. We offer kits that make putting together your ILME connector easier and this will save time and money. Click to learn about our ILME Kits.
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Panel Interface Connectors
Where can I learn about NFPA 70E?
Click here to learn about NFPA 70E.
I understand designing or adding a panel interface port into a control panel will help prevent accidental arc flash and provide increased safety; where can I learn more about rules or standards?
OSHA, in hand with NFPA enforces the NFPA 70E Standard. Click here to see NFPA 70E
Your panel interface competitor uses a clear plastic lid, why does Mencom use a metal lid?
The metal door lid has two advantages over our competitor’s plastic version.First, is that it is more robust. Customers frequently tell us that the plastic doors break in the field because someone forgets to close them. A simple bump by a person or other...
Why aren’t all of the panel interfaces shown in the catalog?
As the industry leader, Mencom currently produces in excess of 3,000 different configurations of panel interfaces. With that many choices, it would take nearly 140 pages in every catalog to present each version. The most popular selling versions are ...
What is the difference between NFPA 70 and NFPA 70E?
NFPA 70: This Code covers the installation of electrical conductors, equipment, and raceways; signaling and communications conductors, equipment, and raceways; and optical fiber cables and raceways for the following: (1) Public and private premises, ...
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Network Products
Does Mencom carry managed Ethernet switches?
We do not inventory them. However, we have access to them. Please contact the factory for more information.
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Junction Blocks
What is your product offering on passive or smart Junction boxes ?
We do have a very good selection of passive junction boxes. However, we do not currently offer smart junction boxes.We offer: • 4-12 port, M12 Micro-DC series• 4-8 port, Micro-AC series• 4-8 port, 7/8 MIN series• 4-8 port, M8 Nano series
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Solenoid Valve Connectors
I have solenoid valve connectors on my machines. How do I determine the right solenoid type for replacement?
There are five types that are commonly used for controlling a solenoid valve. Form A, Form B, Form C Industry standard Form B, and Industry standard Form C The best way to determine the difference is by measuring the size of the connector and looking...
What are the available circuit configurations for valve connectors?
Click here for a diagram of valve circuits.
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Cable Glands
What is the difference between PG11 and PG16?
PG is a thread type, like NPT or Metric, with specific dimensions. It is shorthand for Stahlpanzergewinde: literally “Steel tank thread”. More often it is called by the shorter name Panzergewindeor (hence the PG) — or for us Southerners: conduit threading...
Do you offer explosion-proof cable glands?
Yes. Click to see the selection of explosion proof brass cable glands, as rated for the ATEX 100A directive.Learn more about the ATEX 100A 94/9/EC Directive: European Commission: https://www.conformance...
What type of strain relief products do you offer?
We offer a high quality German manufactured product. They are available in PG, Metric and NPT threads and rated IP68. Materials are Nickel-plated brass, Plastic, and Stainless Steel.
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