Mencom Multipole Connector Kits


Mencom Corporation is now offering Heavy Duty Multipole Connector Kits.
Online Catalog Rectangular Connector Kits

No more concerns about getting the right components to make your connection. Rectangular Connector Kits provide all the pieces to create a complete solution for your design project.*

What’s Included?

  • Male and Female Inserts – 3-24 Poles
    (Screw or Tool-less Spring Terminals)
  • Single or Double Lever Bases
  • Top or Side Entry Hoods
*Cable Glands Sold Separately

Download our Rectangular Connector Kit Brochure (PDF)
Arrow-ClickWhich ILME Rectangular Kit Do I Need?

Commonly used in process automation, the ILME rectangular connectors are known for their high-quality construction and reliable connection. Each kit contains a base, the mating hood along with the required male and female inserts. Many options are available from 3 to 24 pole connectors including termination by the standard screw or the tool-less spring known as Squich.

Applications for these connectors are found in material handling, automotive, robotics, factory automation, machine tools and more. Save time by purchasing the main components needed to make your connection, all in one solution. Add a Mencom cable gland, available in plastic or metal and you are good to go.

Other options available including housings for aggressive environments, high-capacity wiring, IP68, and TPE insulated to name a few.

Cables GlandsMetal and Plastic Cable Glands

As each process or machine design has unique requirements when it comes to cord grip sizes, we offer cable glands separately. Available in plastic or nickel plated brass, metric cable glands will mate with our standard Rectangular Connector kits. If you need another thread type, such as NPT or PG, please see our online catalog of options.

Protection Rating:  IP66; NEMA 4/4x/12
UL RecognizedUL, C-UL Recognized


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