Mencom Offers NEW Easy Access, 5 port Ethernet Switch / Panel Interface Connector Solution

Posted on July 30th, 2019

Unmanaged-Ethernet-Switches in Low Profile HousingMencom’s NEW LP1-E45UM-5 Low profile Panel interface connector has combined two of the most common and versatile components utilized by today’s integrators, machine builders, and panel shops.

The new innovative design frees up valuable DIN rail space by moving the reliable, robust, and cost-effective unmanaged Ethernet switch to the side of the cabinet. By combining the switch with our Low-Profile panel interface housing, the product allows quick, easy, and secure access to multiple Ethernet components within the control cabinet. The LP1-E45UM-5 offers one RJ45 port outside the cabinet and 4 RJ45 ports inside the cabinet.

Mounted inside the LP housings, these rugged Ethernet switches can be directly installed on the outside wall of an electrical panel. The external port provides a means for communicating with devices inside the cabinet without opening the cabinet door, mitigating potential safety hazards. (such as Arc Flash) The Low-profile housing allows users to not only comply with stringent safety industry regulations but also save time and money by eliminating the need for expensive personal protection equipment (PPE) and licensed electrical technicians to access inside the cabinet. The unmanaged switches can come with other PIC components in three different sizes; one single cover (LP1), two single covers (LP2) and one double cover (LP3).

Mencom’s new rugged unmanaged switches feature four of fast 10/100Base-T(X) RJ45 connectors with broadcast storm protection. They are certified for Industrial EMC and supports redundant power-input for enhanced safety that can be connected simultaneously to a wide range of DC power sources. If one of the power inputs fails, the other live source acts as a backup to provide the power needs automatically. The unmanaged switches provide a plug-play environment and do not require any complex configuration. The operational temperature ranges from -10 to 70 °C.


Mencom Introduces New M32 bulkhead mounting Size 21.21 rectangular base

Posted on July 25th, 2019

MKAX-IF Rectangular connector base

Mencom, as a North American master distributor of ILME, offers a broad range of heavy-duty multipole rectangular connectors for industrial applications.  The new MKAX-IF bulkhead mounting base designed for ease of installation with the convenient round (M32) mounting thread is the latest addition to the cost-effective, space-saving, size 21.21 metal housings from ILME.  No longer do end-users need to cut a square opening in the panel and punch additional holes for mounting screws.  Fewer holes mean less opportunity for ingress.  The MKAX-IF offers IP69 protection when coupled with the CKR-65 insert washer and screw.

The Size 21.21 enclosures are widely utilized when panel real estate is limited.  ILME offers a wide range of inserts to use with this housing, from a standard 10amp 4 pole up to a compact 40amp 4 pole. The standard MKAX-IF is made of die-cast aluminum and coated with epoxy-polyester powder.  They are also available in a hi-temp (180°C), EMC, and aggressive environment design. Although smaller in size than some of the other connectors offered by ILME, the size 21.21 enclosures provide the same resistance to impacts, strong mechanical stress, and vibrations.


Reliable, Faster and Tougher Railway & Mass Transit Solutions

Posted on May 13th, 2019

The connectors used in the railways are installed across challenging terrain and exposed to unexpected environmental extremes. Regardless of those challenges, the trains should run punctually, efficiently and safely. Therefore, the connectors used in the railway industry are required to meet the highest safety and standards to ensure that they perform consistently and withstand extreme temperature, humidity, and other potential risks.

Mencom offers a wide range of versatile interconnection solutions for the railway and mass transit industry. Not only are they shock, vibration and corrosion resistant while providing the top performance and reliability with a proven track record, but also fully compliant with all relevant railway standards as well as fire and smoke requirements. The railway connectors are used for data transmission along tracks, passenger rolling stock equipment including brakes and controls, signaling systems, and power transmission on trains and track systems.

M12 Over-Molded Circular Connectors for Railway

Mencom M12 circular connectors are rugged, compact, durable, and sealed. This pre-assembled solution is especially ideal to withstand a variety of severe environmental, industrial and chemical conditions. In addition, Mencom M12 circular connectors are highly configurable while featuring an IP67 rating and optional shielding. The keyway codings are available in A-coding & B-coding (Actuator-sensor plug, DeviceNet, IO link and Profibus) and D-coding (Industrial Ethernet, Ethernet/ IP for Railway Applications). Custom solutions are also available to meet the unique specifications of the railway. Mencom M12 connectors are UL listed.

Heavy-Duty Multipole Rectangular Connectors

For the electrical railway applications which demand higher voltage and amperage ratings, Mencom offers the rectangular multipole connector solutions. They are comprised of two parts; Inserts and Enclosures.

Inserts for multipole rectangular connectors are made of self-extinguishing thermoplastic resin UL 94 V-0, normally used for applications in a maximum ambiance temperature of 125 °C. The end user can choose a wide range of inserts based on the requirements of the railway applications such as the rated voltage (from 50V to 5000V), the rated current (from 5A to 200A max), the number of poles, and the different load combinations required (power and signal poles within the same insert). The inserts are approved in accordance with the approval marks including UL, CSA, CQC, GL, and EAC.

Various enclosure versions are offered with different combinations of body and coating materials to protect connections in harsh environments. The enclosure series is available for the normal environment, high-temperature environment, aggressive environment, and environments that require electromagnetic compatibility. In order for the coupling stability and enhanced protection against accidental opening, the enclosures are equipped with single or double closing devices featuring levers, springs, or pegs. Sealing is assured by special gaskets that protect the contact groups inside the enclosures against dust and aggressive agents even under impacts and strong mechanical stresses. In general, the coupled enclosures guarantee IP44, IP65, IP66, IP67. However, IP68 or IP69 (IEC/EN 60529) are achievable with IP68 or E-Xtreme enclosure series.

EN50155 Railway Networking

EN 50155 is a widely recognized international standard for electronic equipment used in any railway application. This standard covers aspects of this electronic equipment including temperature ranges, humidity, shock resistance, vibration resistance, power supply, electromagnetic interference/susceptibility, power surge, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and transient factors. Mencom railway-certified switches combine the powerful platforms of industrial Ethernet switches and all of their advanced features in a robust and reliable unit.

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Mencom manufactures an expansive portfolio of industrial circular connectors for the harshest environments

Posted on December 12th, 2018

circular connectors

A circular connector is a coupling device built with a circular interface and cylindrical contact housing which comes with a huge variety of materials, sizes, contact layouts & types, and coupling designs. These circular connectors are commonly utilized for data, signal and power connections in the automation, manufacturing, military, aerospace and transit industries thanks to their rugged mechanical performance and ease of connectivity. They are also very versatile & flexible because of a wide range of contacts, voltages, and currents that can be conveniently featured based on the requirements of the applications.

Mencom is the leading manufacturer of circular connectors and their rugged solutions are engineered for reliable performance under the most extreme use in harsh environments. Mencom offers a complete line of circular connectors, including but not limited to, M8, M12, 1/2”-20 and M23 threads and MINI-Change connectors (MIN) with 7/8″, 1”, 1 1/8” threads. For the higher voltage (600V) applications, Power Distribution PMIN series with 1” 3/8 thread is also available. According to their recent product announcement, the coupling nuts and housings of the cordsets for 1” and 1 1/8” threads have recently been redesigned to deliver the better connectivity and stability. In addition to the power and signal connectors, Mencom offers M12 and 7/8” threads circular connectors for the industrial Network solutions such as DeviceNet, Ethernet, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, and Profinet.

Due to the numerous advantages of the circular connectors, it comes as no surprise that the military has developed the MIL-Spec 5015 series to meet the most stringent requirements to endure the toughest environments. Although the MIL-Spec 5015 circular connectors were originally designed for aeronautical and tactical service applications, they are becoming more commonplace in industrial applications that need the ruggedness of the MIL-Spec design, but do not need the military specifications. In order to meet the strong demand from various industries, Mencom has designed and offers a MIL-Spec 5015 Equivalent connector series with size 10SL (0.625”-24NEF), 14S (0.875”-20UNEF), 16S (1”-20UNEF) and 18(1.125”-18UNEF).

Mencom circular connectors are UL listed and IP67 rated to provide the utmost protection and quality for harsh environments. Multiple pole configurations and cable jacket materials including PVC, PUR and TPR are available for over-molded connectors along with a full line of accessories such as field wireable plugs, T-connectors, closure caps and plugs to name a few. Mencom has the largest variety of mounting styles for the mating circular receptacles.  Also, all the circular connectors are customizable upon request with fast turnaround at affordable costs. The range of the customization is from small changes to custom terminations and assemblies. Rugged armor options for extreme manufacturing environments are available for 7/8”, M12 and M8 circular connectors.

Please click HERE for more details.

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Infographic: Cable Glands Threads Comparison

Posted on November 15th, 2018

A cable gland is a device that allows the user to pass a cable, wire or tube into an enclosure while providing strain relief and sealing out dust, dirt, and liquids. Mencom cable glands are mainly categorized by three major mounting thread sizes: NPT, PG, and Metric. The chart below explains technical terms related to the cable glands and illustrates differences between the threads.

Cable Gland Threads Comparison

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Mencom Introduced Industrial Protocol Gateways for Legacy Systems Integration

Posted on October 25th, 2018

Protocol Gateway
Not long time ago, serial-based communication was the standard in the networking industry. Hence, serial or CAN-based equipment, machinery, robots and PLCs that were manufactured more than a decade ago still can be found nowadays in many industrial sectors. In the Industry 4.0 era, technologies are rapidly evolving and modern industries keep looking for the faster networking solutions to transfer and process a larger amount of data because the outdated equipment cannot simply manage it. Upgrading perfectly running networking system is, However, a painful process both financially and effort-wise. Furthermore, changing sensitive utility infrastructure is always risky. Readapting existing equipment into a new layout can be just too overwhelming.

Mencom Protocol Gateway series can provide an efficient and economical solution for the cumbersome network update by seamlessly integrating new protocols into the existing layout and connecting them to outdated protocols. The supported protocols are Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Profinet RT/IRT, DNP3.0 Ethernet, DNP3.0 Serial, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850 devices, and PLCs. 80 different protocol combinations can be selected in the firmware and integrated with 10 different hardware platforms based on the network/application requirements, which gives hundreds of flexible options to choose for end-users.

The Protocol Gateway series is equipped with powerful hardware platforms and a reliable software to manage the translation from protocol to protocol. They are designed to withstand the harshest environments with temperatures ranging between -40°C and +85°C degrees with up to 95% humidity. They also have a very long reliability with MTBF exceeding 20 years and comply with industrial EMC requirements/IEC 61850 chapter 3. SFP, Ethernet, TB5 or DB9 serial connectors are available for the connector types. The Din-Rail and Rackmount is the standard, and the wall mount is optional for models with the Din-rail mount.

All products can be embedded with Security (VPN over IPSec or OpenVPN function) that protects sensitive data from unauthorized accesses. Through this device, remote or unmanned site monitoring can be set up in a heartbeat. In addition, they share the same configuration tool, which helps a migration easy from one platform to another. This user-friendly Java-based configuration tool also helps the system integrator to manage data point mapping, polling frequency and configuration upload in with a fast and cost-effective manner. The data flow is monitored through the embedded debugging tool and it makes sure the conversion is performed as the applications require.

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