Mencom Modular Units (MIXO) for Multipole Rectangular Connectors

Posted on April 11th, 2017

MIXO modular inserts for rectangular connectorsThe ILME Modular insert series (MIXO) provided by Mencom, was designed to allow different types of connections housed in a single traditional rectangular enclosure. The types of connections range from small signal connectors with low amp and voltage, up to 200 amp connectors. Since each insert is designed to fit and lock into a frame that ranges in size from 1 module to 12 modules in a single enclosure, the possible combinations are countless. Each enclosure can house signal, power, data, and pneumatics contacts for the conduction of compressed air with pressure values of up to 8 bars.

These inserts are mounted side by side to form a single compact block that mounts and locks into a metallic frame with included locking tabs. The modular system provides an easy and quick access to a series of contacts installed in the frame without disassembling the entire connector.

The MIXO modular inserts are extremely resistant to mechanical stresses (vibrations, shock and cable loads) and corrosions (gas-tight) to provide secure and stable connections. They are UL 94-V0 approved and built in self-extinguishing thermoplastic material reinforced with glass fiber. The MIXO series frames can be used in housings ranging from, standard classic, to aggressive environments, high temperature, IP68, and more.

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Mencom Introduces the High-Density Version of SQUICH Rectangular Inserts.

Posted on February 9th, 2017

Hi-Density Squich Rectangular Connectors

Mencom SQUICH spring terminal rectangular connectors are known for their convenient tool-free solutions that significantly reduce the connection time by utilizing spring terminals with actuator buttons. The cabling time of the SQUICH connector can be 50% quicker than the screw-type connection and 20% quicker than the conventional spring-type connection.

The continuous demand for a greater number of poles and smaller dimensions has led to the design and manufacturing of the new CDSH series, which offers single connectors with a maximum number of 84 poles that occupy the same space of standard connectors with screw/spring connections.

This high-density version requires no special wire preparation except stripping. Also, they feature an excellent fastening mechanism for a great resistance against strong vibrations in the harsh manufacturing floors. The high-density SQUICH rectangular connectors are characterized by the following advantages.

– Greater pole density as compared to the standard rectangular inserts.
– Reduced inserts preparation and cabling times.
– Cabling tool is not necessary.
– Quick identification of wired and non-wired terminals.
– Terminals already open and ready for conductor clamping.
– Option to use wires up to 2.5 mm2.

The new CDSH series (10A, 600V) is available in 9, 18, 27, 42, 54 and 84 pole configuration and can be used with the entire series of the Mencom rectangular enclosures.

Please view the ILME catalog for more details.

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Mencom is Hiring

Posted on January 19th, 2017

Mencom is looking for an Outside Technical Sales Representative to join our team!

now hiring


We are looking to expand our market presence and increase our sales with Tier 1 suppliers, Automotive OEM’s, and other industrial automation prospects. This team member will have the opportunity to work from a home office in or around the Detroit Metro Area, and must have past experience servicing industrial accounts in Michigan.


  • Technical sales and specification work with Tier 1 and OEM suppliers in the automotive industry. Introducing them to the broad product offering of industrial electrical connectors produced by Mencom
  • Relationship building with key decision makers; including engineers, purchasing, and maintenance.
  • Coordinate sales channel preferences of customers with Regional Sales Manager.
  • Act as an extension of the world class service, support, and dedication Mencom currently provides to our existing customers.
  • Prospect and contact potential customers in the industrial automation industry.


  • Previous experience selling industrial automation control products in Michigan.
  • Ability to cultivate relationships and increase market awareness of products.
  • 4 year college degree. Preferably with a technical focus.
  • Self-motivating and detail-oriented.

If available and interested in this opportunity please mail an updated copy of your resume to JOHN.BISSON@MENCOM.COM for consideration.


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Mencom Corporation Offers Junction Blocks to Simplify Connections in the Automation Industry

Posted on January 10th, 2017

Junction Blocks
The industrial automation world is constantly searching for ways to increase installation reliability, speed up the installation process, and reduce downtime. Junction blocks often referred as terminal blocks and distribution blocks provide a simple and effective way through consolidating connections from various types of control systems and sensors that have many I/O points.

Mencom Junction Blocks offer a wide range of circuit configurations in 7/8-16 MINI series, M12 & ½-20 Micro series, M8 Nano series, and DeviceNet Series. They feature a homerun connector (cable, cable with connector, receptacle, or field wireable) which easily routes signals from multiple inputs back to the main control system. This significantly reduces potential errors associated with wiring, rewiring and I/O replacement. Furthermore, both cost and downtime are also minimized.

The port configuration varies by the series with a choice of one or two signal per port.
The 7/8-16 MINI series is available in 4, 6, and 8 port configurations with an optional stainless steel housing.
The Micro Series and DeviceNet are available in 4 to 12 ports with and without LED indication.
The M8 Nano series is available in 4 to 8 ports with and without LED indication

Mencom Junction Blocks are IP67 rated for a wet environment, and designed to endure high-impact and vibration so that a reliable connection is consistently provided on the harsh manufacturing floor. Mencom also offers custom solutions from small changes to complex terminations to meet the various needs of control systems in the automation industry.

Please CLICK HERE to browse the Junction Blocks.

New T-Type Hygienic Series of the Rectangular Connectors for Harsh Food Manufacturing Environments

Posted on December 13th, 2016

mencom hygienic series
When it comes to food & beverage manufacturing and processing; a safe, reliable and high-quality connection is essential to comply with the rigid regulations in the food industry. Since the connectors can come into contact with food products, the material of connectors is an important factor to avoid possible food contamination.

Mencom’s T-Type Hygienic rectangular connectors are designed for installation on the food industry machines and systems. By using a unique molding technology, these enclosures have achieved a structurally solid and robust construction needed in the food industry. The food safe and self-extinguishing thermoplastic material is easily cleanable and resistant to the cleaning and sanitizing agents commonly used in food processing factories. The enclosures are certified by Ecolab Technical Application Service and satisfy the stringent requirements in the industry.

There are two series available in the Hygienic enclosures, T-Type/H and T-Type/C. T-Type/H is designed for production lines applications and features the HNBR rubber sealing gasket that has excellent resistance to both chemicals and animal/vegetable fats. T-Type/C is designed for low-temperature applications, and the sealing gasket is made of silicone rubber that is not only resistant to chemical agents and fats, but also low-temperature resistant as low as -50°C.

The Hygienic enclosure series is IP66 and IP69 rated to withstand rigorous high-pressure, high-temperature washdown procedures. The hood cable entries for smaller sized housing (44.27 and 57.27) are available in M25 and M32, and those of larger sized housing (77.27 and 104.27) are available in M32 and M40.

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Large modular enclosures will provide you the space you have always wanted

Posted on November 18th, 2016

Industrial Rectangular HoodsMencom is proud to announce new rectangular hoods that will meet the demanding requirements of the wiring market. The new hoods named BIG Series, feature larger dimensions than the standard hoods, provide additional space, and accommodate larger sizes of cables and additional entry holes. The size of the new enclosures is 23mm wider and up to 34mm higher than the current enclosures. Despite the larger sizes, the BIG hoods are still fully compatible with the existing rectangular connectors and accessories.

The hood compartment is designed with an upper and lower half connected by 4 screws with o-rings, providing easy access during assembly. This feature provides up to three times more space compared to the standard hoods. Big enclosures enable the connection of push button selectors, switches and signaling lamps after the necessary holes have been drilled. For example, it is possible to enable power supplies or signaling circuits even after the connector has been coupled.

The hood entry is available in one or more top & side entries and a closed enclosure that can be drilled. The hoods with size 44.27 fit only with the single lever. The larger size hoods fit bases with two levers. The BIG series is IP66 rated after the hood has been coupled with appropriate rectangular base and cable glands.

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