Mencom Over-Molded Circular Connectors

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Mencom is the leading manufacturer of circular connectors and our rugged solutions are engineered for reliable performance under the most extreme use in harsh environments. These connectors come with a huge variety of materials, sizes, contact layouts & types, and coupling designs. They are commonly utilized for data, signal and power connections in the automation, manufacturing, military, aerospace and transit industries thanks to their rugged mechanical performance and ease of connectivity. They are also very versatile & flexible because of a wide range of contacts, voltages, and currents that can be conveniently featured based on the requirements of the applications.

  1. M12 A-Code Cordsets

    Micro-DC Series (MDC)

    M12 A-Code Circular Connectors
  2. M12 B-Code Cordsets

    Euro-AC Series (MEC)

    Euro-AC Circular Connectors
  3. 1/2"-20 C-Code Cordsets

    Micro-AC Series (MAC)

    1/2"-20 C-code Circular Connectors
  4. M8 Cordsets

    Pico/Nano Series(NAN)

    PICO M8 Circular Connectors
  5. M12 D-Code & RJ45 Cordsets

    Ethernet Series(MDE45)

    Industrial Ethernet Circular Connectors
  6. DeviceNet Cordsets

    7/8″-16UN & M12

    DeviceNet Circular Connectors
  7. Foundation Fieldbus Cordsts

    7/8″-16UN & M12

    Foundation Fieldbus Circular Connectors
  8. Profibus-DP Cordsets


    Profibus-DP Circular Connectors
  9. Profibus-PA Cordsets

    7/8″-16UN & M12

    Profibus-PA Circular Connectors
  10. Profinet Cordsets


    Profinet Circular Connectors
  11. Mil-Spec Cordsets

    Industrial 5015 Equivalent

    MIL-Spec Industrial 5015 Equivalent Circular Connectors
  12. Mini-Change Cordsets

    MIN Series

    MINI-Change Circular Connectors
  13. M23 Cordsets

    MCV Series

    M23 Circular Connectors
  14. Solenoid Valve Cordsets

    DIN 43650

    Solenoid Valve Connectors
  15. Armored Cordsets

    for Harsh Environment

    Armored Circular Connectors
  16. Custom Cordset Solution

    for Your Unique Application Spec

    Custom Connector Solutions
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