Mencom Invests in Social Media

Mencom Invests in Social Media

Time and again we run into reports showing social media has a place in industrial automation. Studies and surveys are showing the median age for people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is going up and the use for professional networking is on the rise. We want to be where the action is!

Fancy Line

Mencom is embracing this new medium. We are a company that prides itself on finding answers for our clients, working through the details of the project and offering cost-effective solutions. With all that said, Mencom is reaching out to talk and share ideas with clients and potential customers. Through discussions on LinkedIn, Mencom is learning what issues are out there…what challenges design engineers face; and we’re working to develop new solutions and customize current offerings to meet those needs.

We are hoping to touch base with people who know about us but didn’t realize how many different industrial connectors we manufacture. We’re also anxious to get to know our clients better and develop meaningful business relationships. And certainly we look forward to making new contacts that would benefit from all the industrial electrical connectors we offer for machine design and process automation.

Join us in the mix and let us know if you’re on the networks, we’ll be there.

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