MINI Cables & Receptacles (MIN)

MINI Cables & Receptacles (MIN)

The MIN-Series is so named because they are generally referred to in the industry as Brad Mini-Change connectors, or Mini connectors.

MIN Size I encompasses the 2, 3, 4, 5, & the smaller 6 pole version (there are two sizes of the 6 pole connector.  One is a size I and one is a size II).  All of the size I variety are based on a 1" hex for the receptacle and a 7/8" thread for the plug.

MIN Size IIconnectors include the larger 6 pole, and the 7 & 8 pole connectors.  The size II are based on a 1.125" hex and a 1" thread for the plug. 

MIN Size III connectors include the 9, 10, 12, & 19 pole connectors.  The size III are based on a 1.25" hex and a 1.125" thread for the plug.

MIN Powerseries connectors include 3, 4, & 7 pole connectors

MINH 3 & 4 pole connectors are based on a 7/8” mating thread size.  They use 14AWG wire and are rated for 600V, 18A on the 3 pole and 15A on the 4 pole.  The 7 pole connectors are based on a 1” mating thread size.  The 7 pole connector uses a combination of two 14AWG, and five 18AWG conductors and is rated for 300V, 5A.

PMIN 3 & 4 pole connectors are based on a 1 3/8” mating thread size.  They are available in 10AWG, 12AWG, and 14AWG conductors, rated 600V, and up to 30A.

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