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  1. August 27, 2020

    Mencom Circular Connectors are IP69 Rated

    Mencom is very pleased to announce that most circular connector product lines are now IP69 rated. The products include cordsets, receptacles and accessories for MIN size I, II and III (Brad Mini-Change Connectors), MDC (M12 with A-code), MEC (M12 with

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  2. May 26, 2020

    Mencom introduces the new MIXO ONE series enclosures for single-sized MIXO modules

    MIXO ONE series is an aluminum housings system designed to accept a wide range of single-sized MIXO series modules. These robust connector enclosures are available in 3 hood variants and 1 bulkhead mounting base. The numerous combinations of the MIXO

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  3. March 19, 2020

    Case Study - EL Pomar (Caso de Estudio: EL Pomar)

    About El Pomar

    El Pomar is a Colombian dairy company founded in 1953. They wanted to improve electrical safety at the factory.

    The Goal

    In order to achieve

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  4. February 26, 2020

    New Hire Announcement

    Mencom is excited to announce the addition

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  5. February 17, 2020

    W-TYPE Series Rectangular Enclosures for Aggressive Environments

    W-TYPE series industrial enclosures for aggressive environments are specially designed for industrial applications operating in where corrosive external agents are present such as saltwater

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