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Mencom Product Catalog

Our full line of custom-made and off-the-shelf connectors includes: Cables & receptacles, multi-pin industrial connectors, panel interface connectors, valve connectors, and a wide variety of cable glands, fittings and adapters.

Mencom-Catalog.pdf (2313 downloads)

Industrial Networking Solutions

Mencom now offers a wide range of networking solutions for industrial 4.0 smart factory applications.

Mencom-Industrial-Networking-Solutions.pdf (1108 downloads)

Mencom Product Brochure

Mencom is very pleased to announce the publication of our new brochure. This 16-page brochure contains detailed information of Mencom industrial connectors. With a fresh new look and design, this brochure reflects many enhancements made to Mencom over years.

2019-Mencom-Brochure.pdf (3102 downloads)

ILME Connectors Catalog

Mencom is the North American Master Distributor for ILME rectangular connectors.

CN16-ILME-CATALOGUE.pdf (6727 downloads)

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